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Get the old style of Barbie movies back, and Kelly Sheridan.

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The latest Barbie movies have been created around fashion, sparkles and more superficial things. Classics such as "Princess and the Pauper", "The 12 Dancing Princesses", "Swan Lake" and "Rapunzel" are all the most popular of Barbie movies, yet we are not seeing more like them. Instead Mattel are focusing on a bright and sparkly theme and more simplistic plots which are, to put it bluntly, quite a disappointment. I personally love all Barbie movies, but I wish there were more classics and after searching around I find many people who agreed. "A Mermaid Tale" was quite bearable, but movies like "Princess Power" have crossed the line. Also in the next Barbie movie "Spy Squad" Kelly Sheridan is apparently not making an appearance as the beloved voice of Barbie. As shown a few years ago, fans have the power to change Mattel's mind because Kelly Sheridan (who was dropped as the voice of Barbie) was brought back due to popular demand. This petition can hopefully get Barbie back to its original ways, with classic plots and Kelly Sheridan.

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