UK government has failed Nurses, Paramedics & HCAs after the Covid public sector pay rise.

UK government has failed Nurses, Paramedics & HCAs after the Covid public sector pay rise.

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Please sign my petition to make awareness of how unfair the government has been following his public sector pay rise.

Yet again nurses, HCAs, paramedics and domestic staff have all been forgotten about. Boris published a pay rise on 21/07/2020 for the public sector, which missed out all NHS staff apart from Senior Doctors.

Part of the reason why nurses have been refused a pay rise is due to our rubbish union agreeing to an awful 3-year pay deal 2 years ago. Which, according to the government we’ve had a 4% pay rise, however this is over SEVERAL years, and when compared to 10 years of pay cuts it is hugely below inflation. A pay rise should take precedence over any prior agreement given the truly extraordinary times were experiencing.

Despite working throughout Covid-19, NHS workers have been completely disregarded. However, doctors, teachers, police, prison officers and the best one yet – dentists (even though they were closed and only open for emergencies) are all receiving PAY RISES and DOCTORS ARE RECEIVING BACK PAY due to their recognition for working throughout Covid-19 during the challenging times. It is beyond me how nurses, paramedics and HCAs have been refused this and have had no appreciation.

We were ALL working at the front line and risked our lives. I’m so angry that no one appreciates the rest of the NHS staff. We’re always forgotten about and hugely undervalued. Bare in mind, some countries were paying their nurses bonuses throughout Covid-19. Despite not being able to provide a pay rise, at least give us some kind of incentive like you have others. So many of our lives were lost trying to care for the public, we always put ourselves second. It seems like we are punished for our compassion, because unlike other public sectors its hard to strike, we are unable to walk out and leave the vulnerable. The government knows this and takes full advantage.

Nurses have never been valued and evidently never will be. Just another kick in the teeth and I’m sure will make yet more nurses leave the profession. Clapping every Thursday for 12 weeks, for what! This is a huge slap in the face for so many of us. Without the NHS Boris may not have survived Covid-19, which he so gratefully thanked the NHS staff for.

We need to stand together, please share and sign to make awareness.

Thank you,
Ashleigh Robson