Homes for our homeless vets, they deserve our help

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Coming from a military family, I have learned the importance of trust and respect and support for one another. I have seen what war can do to a person and their family, so many come home and for whatever reason have lost their way and end up on the streets homeless and forgotten. Nothing breaks my heart more than to see a man or woman that has served this country with pride and without question of their safety or life to be left in a street tired, hungry and abandoned. My daughter has dedicated many years to become a physchologist at the VA and has conveyed to me the pain and loneliness these soldiers have endured. No one should have to feel like that, let alone someone that has given their lives for this country and our freedoms.

So to get to my idea, I know there are many vacant buildings on VA properties, beautiful buildings that just need attention and love that can be restored to house our homeless vets that are in need of people that understand each other. My proposal and wish is that you people that I have watched over the past several years fighting for Trump and America as hard as you all have done, is that you will  help me with my idea to bring hope and homes to our homelss vets. There are more things I have ideas on but need some help from people that care and people with the ability to make this a reality.

I sincerely hope you consider my idea and proposal and help get our vets off the streets. Thank you very much from a grateful mother of an active duty soldier and daughter of a Veteran. It would be an honor to work with all of you to make this a reality and save as many vets as we can. We as Americana can never repay everything they have done foe thia country but we might just be able to make them a lot more comfortable and loved. Again thank you for your consideration of this proposal.