COLES: STOP the PLASTIC Rainbow collection

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More mini plastic toys to bribe children and boost Coles' sales. More plastic that will eventually end up in land-fills or oceans.

Parents just show your children some of the videos and horrifying pictures of plastic pollution. Google it. COLES don't care about your health. Just buy $30 of anything to get the plastic Stickeez. No, you DON'T have to buy fruit and veggies. Can't you see it???

Enough is enough!!! When are these retail giants going to take some responsibility for the sad state of the planet and the plastic strangling wild-life and killing thousands in slow torturous deaths as they feed on plastic. Watch this video:

PLEASE STOP THIS CAMPAIGN AND REFUSE THE STICKEEZ. Please people... the earth is in a terrible state already and this is criminal!!  RSPCA this is your call too!