Your local FF's are on the frontlines of COVID-19 and need your help to protect them.

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Around Massachusetts, firefighters are exposed to COVID-19 at alarming rates, and almost 250 have tested positive for the virus. Worse yet, firefighters are exposing their families once they return home the firehouse, and many of their family members have also been infected. Some firefighters are even forced to use their own sick and vacation time when they miss work due to being quarantined, testing positive, or showing COVID-19 symptoms. We need a state law that presumes firefighters contracted COVID-19 at work, and their time lost from work is deemed "injured on duty."

Firefighters are out on the frontlines of this pandemic and sometimes without the proper PPE to protect themselves adequately.

Please consider signing this petition and let your lawmakers know that you support the health and wellness of your local firefighters. Urge them to pass any of the following bills that will make COVID-19 an "injury on duty."

Senate Bill 1485 filed by Senator Nick Collins

House Bill 2261 filed by Rep Denise Garlick

Senate Bill 2602 filed by Senator Mike Moore

House Bill 4611 filed by Rep James Arciero

- Thank you from your Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts -