Pass the ROE Act in Massachusetts: Update our laws for reproductive justice & access

Pass the ROE Act in Massachusetts: Update our laws for reproductive justice & access

February 2, 2020
Signatures: 10,268Next Goal: 15,000
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Started by Boston Red Cloaks

We the undersigned support the passage of the MA ROE Act (S. 1209 and H. 3320) and we urge members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary to report out favorably on the law as written, and we urge members of the House and Senate to pass the ROE Act.  Link:

The ROE ACT seeks to Remove Obstacles and Expand Access to Abortion.

The ROE ACT will
(1) Update definitions in the law to reflect accurate medical language and science (current law was written in 1974 and is outdated)

(2) Provide teens with support and access to make a decision about abortion with a doctor - trained to see signs of trauma or abuse - and not a judge

(3) Support access for all women - financial challenges should not be allowed to drive women to self-induce abortions. 

(4) Make our laws compassionate - and not force pregnant women to leave the state if they learn of a fatal fetal diagnosis after 24 weeks. Massachusetts is home to some of the most highly qualified medical practitioners in the world. No woman should be forced to remain pregnant when she knows that her pregnancy will not survive. Nor should she be required to leave the Commonwealth for healthcare.

We ask all Massachusetts legislators to make the healthcare needs of pregnant people a priority, to acknowledge that abortion is healthcare, and to update laws in the Commonwealth so that they use medically accurate language, demonstrate compassion, and provide access to healthcare that is our constitutional right - because a “right” without access is not a right.

More than ever, we need our state Representatives and Senators to take a stand for our constitutional rights. Every day we read the news. We see the coordinated efforts being undertaken to undermine the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe vs. Wade. We look to our elected officials to take action and to take a stand for us.

As residents and voters in the State of Massachusetts, we ask that you bring House Bill H.3320 and Senate Bill S.1209 to the floor for a full vote and support its passage without delay.

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Signatures: 10,268Next Goal: 15,000
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