End Massachusetts motor vehicle EXCISE TAX

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  1. Every year we are charged excise tax, for the privilege of registration and use of our personal vehicles/property.
  2. However, we also pay to register these vehicles renew our driver license and registrations and have inspections every year,  As well as Auto Insurance and car payments.
  3.  When asked. we are told, a vague description of its uses. Such as,  tax goes  towards the "general fund" for "lawful purposes."

 How, are we to know what this money is actually used for.

  1. We are not shown documentation, As to where these funds are used.  
  2. We hear the same old fable.  That it goes toward maintenance of Roads.
  3.   While a large percentage of streets and highways, are filled with potholes. Our towns and cities are crumbling beneath our tires.