Allow Legal Sports Betting at Massachusetts Sports Bars/Lottery Agents

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Imagine if you could place a wager on the Patriots before the Super Bowl at your local sports bar just as easily as filling out a keno slip; that’s what we at Fair Play Massachusetts are hoping will happen; but we need your help!

In May of 2018, the Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law that banned commercial sports betting in most states thus opening up the market for legalized wagers on professional and college sports.  The Governor along with several State Legislators have since filed bills as to how they would see the industry regulated here in MA but so far the lottery agents are currently not at the table.

We are pushing the simple idea that sports betting should be allowed at some of the places that are licensed by the State Lottery. 

The reasons are pretty simple:

Each year the Commonwealth along with our 351 cities and towns are in need of greater revenue.  Allowing some lottery agents to take sports bets would increase the amount of revenue the state receives above and beyond just having bets made in casinos and online. In turn, having more people in our local bars and restaurants helps our local economy and help these small businesses retain and create more jobs. 

Limiting the brick and mortar places to place a wager to just casinos is patently unfair to those who want to partake in an activity that is now legal but don’t want to download an app connected to their credit card or bank account and don’t live in areas close to casinos. 

The more places where a person can safely and legally place a sports wager, the more it will negatively impact the unregulated and unsafe world of black market sports books.

Please sign our petition to let the Legislature know that if they care about:
- retaining & creating local jobs in our small businesses
- being fair to those who live in every part of our state
- creating more revenue for infrastructure, schools & public safety
- eliminating unsavory & dangerous black market sports betting,

then they should include language to their legislation legalizing sports betting to allow some lottery agents to have sports wagers at their places of business. 

Fair Play is in the process of becoming an official organization for these efforts, building a website, signing up more members, garnering supporters and getting more traction on their Facebook page;  

If you are a lottery agent or anyone that wants to help please email us at or call Ryan McCollum at (413) 313-1475