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Reject a taxpayer guarantee for Boston2024

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) asks host governments to guarantee that the Games will go on as planned in the Olympic bid documents, no matter the revenue shortfalls or cost overruns. Effectively, Boston2024's boosters wants Massachusetts taxpayers to write a blank check for a $10+ billion, three-week event, one that requires building the three most expensive Olympic venues. Taxpayers don't write a blank check to the Boston Marathon or the Red Sox. We don't write one for our public schools or our police and fire departments. Why would we write one to the IOC?

Boston2024's boosters have claimed that they will purchase insurance to protect city and state taxpayers from Olympic cost overruns. Certainly such protection is needed: an Oxford University study found that every Olympic Games since 1960 has cost more than its initial budget. But after more than two years of secretive planning, the boosters have still not presented the public with an insurance policy that would protect taxpayers if things don't go according to their plan. Rather than creating a responsible bid, Boston2024 is counting on taxpayers to irresponsibly sign a blank check.

No matter their view on the Olympics, signers of this petition are clear: they do not want their elected leaders to provide a public financial guarantee for Boston2024.

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