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The Fight for Lilly Foundation started this petition to DCFS Case Worker Responsible for Bubby's Removal Kate Orlando and

In February 2015, Bubby Everson made the news in Washington, and people from all over the world, including President Obama, sent him birthday cards to celebrate 9th year. Bubby became pretty infamous, after a local news station covered his story and his wish for birthday cards.

He is a medically/mentally fragile child with a long list of diagnosis includes but isn’t limited to Congenital CMV; autism; brain calcifications; global delay; intellectually challenged; ODD; ADHD; sensory processing disorder; epilepsy; microcephaly; executive functioning impairment disorder; deaf with cochlear implants; G-tube fed a blended diet and formula; cerebral palsy; scoliosis; and compromised immune system.

BUT NOW, he is one of the most recent victims of CPS Corruption.
On Friday, May 22nd, the Everson's lives were torn apart as he was taken from his obviously loving parents, and the only home he knows, over allegations of medical neglect. The accusation?
Mom rescheduled rehabilitation therapy (assessing his Cerebal Palsy and checking range of motion in his legs and feet). CPS is also "concerned" that she "MIGHT" get stressed out in the future and neglect him, despite zero instances in 9 years which she has ever been too stressed to care for her child.

This started, two weeks ago, when a Child Services representative, Bridget Spence, showed up claiming CPS had a referral for “missed” doctor appointments. Bubby's mom, Brandi, let them in her house because she has nothing to hide. Ms. Spence interviewed her and claimed that she as Bubby’s mother ‘is tired’ and needs to ‘regroup’. When asked what the referral was for she claimed ‘medical neglect’.

On Friday May the 22nd, 3 CPS social workers, none of whom were Ms. Spence, and 2 police officers removed Bubby from the home. They gave his Mother less then 5 minutes to pack him a bag. They didn't take any of his medical supplies, or formula for his special diet. They did not even have a car seat for him (he needs a specialized car seat). They claimed he was going to a hospital/medical facility (wouldn't say which one) and that they would have all of that. When asked if Brandi could call Thomas, they would not allow her to make the call, insisting that she needed to wait until they left. They gave her the “order to take child into custody and place in shelter care” from Pierce County Commissioner, Mary E. Dicke, with a yellow sticky note stating we have a “FTDM” on Tuesday at 9:00 am at 1949 S. State St in Tacoma, but did not provide evidence of abuse or neglect, or a copy of the petition filed for Bubby's removal.

Washington State Law requires a Shelter Care Hearing in a court of law to review evidence. This hearing must be conducted within 72 hours of removing a child from their home, excluding weekends and holidays. Because Bubby was removed on Friday, on Memorial Day Weekend, his shelter care hearing may  not be scheduled for up to 6 days after his removal, leaving him in Limbo, 

This is a case of medical kidnapping through allegations of anticipatory neglect, and Bubby's parents, Brandi & Thomas, don't know why this has happened because THERE ISN'T ANY EVIDENCE OF RISK OR HARM.
(Which is required by Washington State Law to remove a child.)

This forceful removal from his home is detrimental to this child’s health and well being, along with his mom and dad, causing them undue stress and anxiety over his safety and well-being. He did not understand anything that was going on.

His Mom told him how much he was loved and that they were going to take him for a ride and she would see him soon. Because of his executive functioning impairment disorder, he got in their car with them without hesitation, despite being strangers, which is actually a dangerous situation for him. The social workers were ignorant of his medical needs, and he is now helpless, in a strange place, with strange people, likely receiving medical procedures with out the two people who have been a constant in his life for as long as he has ever known.

If you google Bubby Everson, you will see a multitude of pages of an outpouring of love from and for this family!

Please Support Bubby and the Everson Family.

It is obvious that these parents love their child, and without clear and concise evidence of immediate risk and harm, the only harm that is occurring here is the trauma inflicted upon this poor boy and his family by Pierce County Child Protective Services.

Tell the parties involved what you think by signing this petition and demanding that they BRING BUBBY HOME!

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This petition had 4,267 supporters