Marriott, stop letting your employees die without the retirement funds we are owed

Marriott, stop letting your employees die without the retirement funds we are owed

January 3, 2020
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MARRIOTT Senior VP for Legal Affairs Rena Reiss
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dimitri Veltsos


My name is Dimitri Veltsos. I’m 77, an American and from Greek background and ancestry. I have worked--in many a position worldwide--for the Meridien hotel chain, which is part of the Marriott group. Upon my retirement in 2008, I discovered that Marriott-Meridien's negligence had resulted in a significant discrepancy in my retirement funds. Despite my years of hard work, they had failed to contribute to my retirement plan as they had promised.

As they had done with 500 of my colleagues, my former employer did not contribute to my retirement fund while I was working abroad. 50 of my colleagues have already taken the case to court. After 10 years, Marriott-Meridien had been told to pay them what they owed them.

I waited for 7 years just for the courts to hear and settle my case. 5 of my colleagues passed away since the start of the legal action. Others are living in misery. 500 other employees, also concerned, are not yet aware of what awaits them. This is unworthy of the world’s leading hotel group and of its President, Arne Sorenson, who was elected President of the Year 2019 by Chief Executive magazine.

With 50 court judgments against them, Marriott-Meridien could have decided to settle with all affected employees. The French Supreme Court ruled on in such a way that Marriott-Meridien knows they will not avoid the future sentences. The only way they won’t have to settle is if they cynically drag out proceedings until death eliminates us, one by one.

This despicable option is exactly how Marriott-Meridien has chosen to proceed. They are wrong and they know it. However, they forced me and 49 of my colleagues to file a claim simply to get what is due to us. As they will do for my other 500 colleagues.

And what rights are we talking about? Just to end our days with dignity. We dedicated our working lives, tirelessly, sometimes for decades, to promote their brand and make them money. Now we just want them to keep their end of the bargain.

For the most part, we are well over the age of 64. We’re not all dead yet, and we’re fighting back. Today, we need all of you. Help us tell Marriott:

  • their behavior is unethical and that they do not respect the principles proclaimed everywhere and even on the front page of their official website
  • it’s despicable to let former employees die without justice
  • that you will no longer condone this behavior by visiting their hotels

Please help us stand up to this hotel giant; sign the petition and share it with those around you. 

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Signatures: 173,256Next Goal: 200,000
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