Build a Calisthenics Street Workout Gym at the Scarborough Foreshore

Build a Calisthenics Street Workout Gym at the Scarborough Foreshore

6 February 2020
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Mark Irwin (Mayor, City of Stirling) and 4 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Tomich

The Scarborough Foreshore  has great recreational facilities including skate parks, playgrounds, a climbing wall and public pools. We believe the area also provides an ideal venue for an outdoor Calisthenics & Street Workout Gym right on the beach.

The sport of Calisthenics & Street Workout is experiencing a phenomenal growth in popularity internationally and in Australia. Perth is also home to an enthusiastic local community of amateur athletes that practice Calisthenics & Street workout however there are no decent public facilities in the area and very few park gyms in the Northern suburbs.

The recent recent Scarborough foreshore revitalization project still provides an ideal opportunity to upgrade the existing outdoor fitness area  with a world class Calisthenics & Street Workout Gym.

The venue would provide a center for the Calisthenics community of Perth to meet and workout on the beach. It would also provide an avenue for the young and not so young to embrace a health and fitness lifestyle that we have come to embrace.

We ask that the Member for Scarborough, Mayor of Stirling and Councillors of the the Coastal Ward look at options in making the Scarborough Foreshore a venue that caters for the sport of Calisthenics - Street Workout.

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Signatures: 316Next goal: 500
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Decision makers

  • Mark IrwinMayor, City of Stirling
  • Karen CaddyCouncillor, City of Stirling
  • Felicity FarrellyCouncillor, City of Stirling
  • Mitchell DaviesLeisure Planning Coordinator, City of Stirling
  • Liza HarveyState MP, Scarborough