Urgent!! Stop Massachusetts SD1840: A Clear and Present Threat to Energy Work

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URGENT AND TIME SENSITIVE: Energy work is under threat by a new law, An Act regulating Bodyworks, which, if ratified, would require licensure for all energy workers (see non-inclusive list below).

Massachusetts SD1840 (previously submitted as 2599 and SB2621), a bill currently under consideration in Massachusetts, would severely restrict anyone without an existing licensed to practice any form of Energy Work.The bill has made it out of committee and is ready to move to the floor for passage.
SD1840 provides for significant expansion of scope and power of The Board of Registration of Massage Therapy. It also renames them to The Board of Registration of Massage Therapy and Bodyworks.
Lines 38-47 of the Act states:
“Bodywork, bodyworks or bodywork therapy, the practice of a person who uses touch, words or directed movement to deepen awareness of patterns of movement in the body, or the affectation of the human energy system or acupoints or Qi meridians of the human body while engaged within the scope of practice of a profession with established standards and ethics; provided, however, that such services shall not be designated or implied to be massage or massage therapy; provided further, that “bodywork”, “bodyworks” and “bodywork therapy” shall include, but not be limited to: the Feldenkrais Method; Reflexology; the Trager Approach; Ayurvedic Therapies; Rolf Structural Integration; Polarity or Polarity Therapy; Polarity Therapy Bodywork; Asian Bodywork Therapy that does not constitute massage as defined in this chapter;  Acupressure; Jin Shin Do; Qi Gong; Tui Na; Shiatsu; Body/Mind Centering; and Reiki.”

  • To be clear, this Act would make the use of “words” a Bodywork modality. This might include guided meditation.
  • This Act would also make someone who uses "directed movement" a Bodyworker. This might include the teaching of dynamic qigong, or another style of moving meditative/healing movements.

Practitioners found in violation of this Act might be subject to prosecution, fines, penalties, and the restriction or elimination of their practice!

Solution: Oppose Massachusetts SD1840 and protect the people’s right to practice and access Qigong, Energy Work, and other safe methods of spiritual work. Please sign and share this petition!