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Outrage in QLD as energy prices hit the roof. Its time for change

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This petition is for the residents of Central and FNQ and draws attention to the high cost of electricity to these regions. There is no competition in Qld outside the south-east corner and we all suffer the financial pain because of this. Unjustified high bills every quarter are eating away any attempt at saving or living comfortably. Our recent bill is comparable in usage to a household of 10 people, when we are a household of 4. This makes no sense as our power hungry son has moved out of home at the beginning of the last quarter and I anticipated our bill being reduced, as he was no longer home to consume power. It was a great shock to find our usuage had not changed when our bill finally arrived. After opinions from residents between Maryborough to Cairns, I found that everyone is in the same frustrated situation and we agree that changes must be made. I feel like Queensland has become an oppressive state. We hardly move a step forward before we are hit with essential service obstacles and are pushed 3 steps back. I understand that there are many factors to consider in terms of reducing the cost of energy suppy. What I do not understand is how northern Qld energy can be classed as competitive if there is NO competition. I am calling on QLD Minister for Energy and Water Supply, Mark Bailey to consider the following proposal -:

•The need for more electricity suppliers in Central and Far North Queensland. The CSO payment to be transfered from the retailer to the distributor.

•The provision of a Government body to more closely monitor the charges and practices of the current provider

•Consider increasing incentives for solar installations for residents in these regions as well as incentives for using power at off peak times

•Revise the customer expectation/ obligation. 

•Consider moving QLD into a green energy state faster than 2030 by the installation of alternate energy farms through the mid QLD regions.

The last point ultimately reducing the cost of electricity traveling to regional sections and providing jobs in these areas.

There is no question that Queenslanders are feeling left in the cold, as all positive changes that have recently been made only apply to SEQ residents. We are angry. We need answers. We want solutions!


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