Stop subsidizing Quebec's foie-gras industry.

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Foie gras literally means "fatty liver" and is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese abnormally large volumes of food via a tube that is rammed down their throats and directly into their stomachs.  This causes the liver to swell to ten times its normal size.  Their distended abdomens make standing difficult and impairs their breathing.  These normally aquatic birds are kept confined in crowded sheds with no access to water for swimming.

Besides the suffering inherent in these "standard industry practices", birds sustain injuries to their esophagus from rough handling.  They can suffer from diarrhea, heat stress and lameness due to foot infections.  Some suffocate on their own vomit.

The production and/or sale of foie gras is prohibited in many jurisdictions including California, Israel, Germany, Norway, The UK and India.  But, here in Canada, instead of banning it, we are subsidizing the industry.  Please sign the petition telling Marie-Claude Bibeau, the Minister of Agriculture, you don't want your tax dollars supporting a cruel luxury item.