Justice for Elisa Gomez

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My sister Elisa was found dead in her home on October 11, 2016. Even though her husband, roommate, and her roommate's children were in the home the morning of her death, her death was addressed as a suicide.

My family has met with the homicide investigators about the case and even though they do not think there is sufficient evidence to refer the case to the county attorney's office, we believe that  her case deserves more attention. If additional investigation is needed, we are hoping that the county attorney and deputy attorney will request that the Minneapolis Police Department investigate further. We hope that further investigation will prompt the gathering of more evidence, as well as testimony, necessary to address this case as a homicide. We have learned that not only does the suspected individual have prior convictions for domestic abuse, of which he has served prison time for, but that this individual has also had several DWIs also. This individual is a danger to the public. 

Other victims who did not initially report their altercations with this man to police initially are now willing to come forward.

There was a 911 call placed to the Minneapolis Police Department shortly before my sister Elisa was found dead in her home. We were told Police went to the door and when no one answered, they left without any follow up. My sister's autopsy indicates that her death was due to a "ligature hanging" and the Manner of Death is "undetermined".  Her case deserves more attention.

We would like to meet with a member of the County Attorney's office to discuss this matter further. Even though the case is still considered to be active, the police have no further evidence to pursue a homicide investigation and are no longer investigating the case. We know that she did not take her own life  and when the facts of the case are fully heard and understood, there will be no doubt that Elisa's case deserves a more thorough investigation. It is our hope that this petition will prompt further investigation that is sorely needed by the Minneapolis Police Department.