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Please step aside and allow legalization of marijuana to pass. (HB 492)


Governor Maggie Hassan claims she speaks for the people of New Hampshire, yet the majority of people in New Hampshire agree that marijuana should be legalized. "Live Free or Die" is our state's motto, yet we punish people for this "victimless crime".

The people of New Hampshire have spoken, and we want this bill to be passed (HB 492). Marijuana is already easy to get, but if legalized, it provides ADULTS with a safe enviroment to purchase it in. Wouldn't it be better to purchase it from a store, rather then from some drug dealer, that could potentionally add anything to it. Legalizing marijuana will allow New Hampshire to make money (which we NEED).

Marijuana clearly isn't dangerous, it is used for medicinal purposes. There is no reason why this product should be banned, nor be punishable by law. We make money through taxing cigarrettes and alcohol, which both have lead to many deaths over the years. Cigarettes even are marked, "May cause cancer". Yet marijuana is given to patients that have cancer...

Sign this petition if you agree Governor Maggie Hassan should step aside and let the people decide. Allow HB 492 to pass! LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!


Share on your Facebook, Twitter and reach out to as many resources as you can please. Do what you can to get more signatures. It is time the people make our own decisons!

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