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Governor Maggie Hassan: Do not give your superdelegate vote to Hillary Clinton

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Poll after poll shows New Hampshire's Democrats favoring Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. We believe it is categorically wrong for Governor Hassan to use her superdelegate vote to betray her constituents' interest, since she only has that superdelegate vote because of her constituents' support. This petition asks Governor Hassan for one simple thing: ABSTAIN FROM THE VOTE. Do not betray your constituents by casting your superdelegate vote for Hillary Clinton.

This petition is part of a larger movement to reverse the toxic, undemocratic effect that the Democratic superdelegacy has on the election process. Bernie Sanders' campaign is about ending political oligarchy. The political process should be controlled by the people AND NOT BY CORPORATE ELITES OR POLITICAL INSIDERS. This petition is part of a greater movement to end the Democratic superdelegacy, and we ask Governor Hassan to take the first steps in doing so by abstaining from the process.

This movement will only work if you help spread the word. People think it's unrealistic to take on the DNC, but Bernie's campaign is about upending the political status quo. We can make change happen, right now; we can prove the skeptics wrong. Please help by sharing this petition, and by liking our page on facebook:

(For those who don’t know, a superdelegate is an individual who has been selected by their political party to be automatically seated at the presidential nomination convention. Unlike other delegates, they are not bound by the popular vote; this means that they can vote for whomever they prefer at the nomination convention. This process takes control of the vote away from the people, and in some cases, it can give candidates with many political connections an unfair, undemocratic advantage.)

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