Best Infra & Equipment needed @ Bangalore’s new Superspecialty Vet Hospital

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Bangalore lacks basic facilities like a centrifuge , plasma separator, canine  blood bank, ultrasound , X-ray  and many others required for pets and small animals . With the much touted superspecialty vet hospital coming up on the Heritage Vet Hospital grounds on Queens Road, its important to create a hygienic world class structure &  for Bangalore’s pet lovers to have access to equipment to save animal’s lives. Otherwise this new facility would be a waste , considering that e already have a large Vet Hospital in Hebbal. 

1. Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanner:- This equipment is used as a diagnostic aid in identifying of different physiological and pathological conditions of various organs and soft tissues.

2. X-Ray machine with CR Digital Radiography: Used as a diagnostic aid in various conditions of bones and other organs.

3. Electro-cardiogram (ECG): Used as an aid in evaluating cardiac functions.

4. Ultrasonic Dental scaling unit: Used for dental scaling, tooth extraction and treatment of various teeth conditions.

5. Automatic Urine Analyzer: Used for urine analysis.6. Automatic Haematological Analyzer: Used for reading of complete blood picture which includes RBC, WBC, Differential counts, PCV, Hb and Platelets count. This equipment is specially designed for animals (Dogs, cats, sheep, goat etc.).7. Automatic Bio-chemical Analyzer: Used to estimate serum levels of different biochemical parameters. This equipment is specially designed for veterinary use.

8. Flexible Gastro-endoscope: Used for diagnosing different oral, pharyngeal, oesophageal and gastro-duodenal affections (foreign bodies, pathological conditions etc).

9. Operating microscope for Ophthalmic use: Used for ophthalmic examination and surgical procedures.

10. Ophthalmoscope: Used as an aid to diagnose different eye affections.

Chennai & Delhi already have a few good facilities in place and we need to really have something that caters to  world class city like BAngalore  more adequately and in a future-proof way .