Stop abuse of horses at Dadar

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Life’s not a beach for these 13 horses. Used for joyrides during the day, they are tied at Dadar Chowpatty and left for over 12 hours in the sea every night owing to an absence of shelters. The saltwater has begun to eat into their flesh. Activists fear that if they are not rescued soon, they could die.

The horses’ pitiable condition came to light following an online post on July 25.

“The post was about a horse being left to battle the high tide at the Dadar beach. When we reached the spot, the horse was tied to its cart. Only a little food was left beside it,” said Shubh Mhaske, member of Bombay Animal Rights.

Mhaske called up an animal rescue team, which informed the Shivaji Park police. When the police turned up, the horse owner allegedly fled the spot. While this horse was rescued, 13 others are still waiting to be saved.

“When the sea laps at their skin all night, the horses develop rashes, which worsen into big wounds. The sand is also bad for the skin. The horses can also catch a fever. The owners exploit the animals for their own livelihood, but abandon them at night,” said Mhaske. “They are just treated as money-makers.”

The activists’ fear of the animals dying in the absence of help isn’t unfounded. In January, a horse left on the same beach suffocated to death after struggling all night with a tight rope around its neck. The rope had looped around its neck and while trying to free itself, one of its hind legs got entangled.