Immunity to the natives of vicinity

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Pathetic conditions of stray dogs because of unregulated dog population is a critical challenge in today's urban planning and city administration. The major threat to those innocent creatures include road accidents, animal abuse and torture, infectious diseases like rabies and dog fights over migration in territories. 

An initiative in the following way is needed to bring a change to the lives of street dogs:

  • Starting National campaigns which can ensure that people do not support mass killing and by initiating schemes which could promote the adoption of stray dogs.
  • Sterilization and vaccination against rabies.
  • Proper rehabilitation through rescue organisations and NGO services.
  • Medical attention for any injuries to prevent infections. Since uninfected dogs would be a great push for the increased adoption.
  • Through Spay and Neuter programme, Dogs will not migrate to fight over territory. Meanwhile sterilized females cannot breed which will decrease their population.

It is the only scientific way of treating the problem. It would take time but there's no other way ever succeeded. 

The need is to mobilize the intrinsic love between human and animals to realize the fact that they also deserves a fair chance at life and a decent living. 

''The greatness of a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals'' well quoted by Mahatma Gandhi.