Demand forJudicial Inquiry into Shafat&Asghar Ali Khan's possession of Sniper Rifle !

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#Avni the tigress who lived in ralegaon was victimised labeled and brutally shot dead in the Borati forest in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district on the night around 11:35 PM of 2 November.
“As per sources, Avni was shot by a .300 Win rifle which has a bullet diameter of 7.62 mm and the bullet weight is about 11.50 gm. This is not a caliber permitted for shooting tigers as per NTCA guidelines. Also, the rifle had a night vision thermal scope attached to it to aid shooting in complete darkness. Why would you need that if you were not shooting her at night, violating all laws? Attempts are also being made to replace the bullet which was recovered from Avni’s body with a 33.10 gm bullet used in a .458 Win Mag rifle which the shooters claim they used for the shoot. A letter has been issued to the Nawab and his son to deposit their rifle and a live cartridge for ballistic testing. But they have moved the weapon out of the state and have not complied with the order. Rumours say that attempts are being made to use political influence in Delhi to get that letter withdrawn.”

The following questions need answer

1:Why Shafat & team?
2:Why every time shafat's service is taken ?
3:From where they're getting Sniper rife, who had sanctioned it?Or is it stolen?if stolen from where?
4:What's the origin of this weapon?
5:Where's the weapon now?
6:Why it was not submitted for ballistic test?
7:Why it was taken out of the crime scene? who helped in transporting the weapon?
8:Who all re involved in this gun trade?
9:From where he's getting bullet's?
10:Why Avni?
11:Why Forest Minister Mungantivar is shielding Shafat & Asghar?

Shafat Ali khan had refused to submit the weapon used for killing #Avni . Government should ensure this weapon recovered from him for a fair trial and prosecution of Asghar Ali Khan. From where they're getting these sniper rifles! Who had authorized the use of this weapon in the operation? This seems only tip of the iceberg for these two dubious character's and those protecting him! This is a demand for #JusticeForAvni and her cubs!