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Mandatory 3 Hour Drivers Safety Course for all Drivers under 18

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Many states nationwide do not recognize the need or value of a 3 hour driver's safety course. The course curriculum minimum is a 1 hour impact video and 2 hours of discussion, note taking, and quiz on the dangers of driving which include:

Teenage Driver Crash Risk Factors -
The traffic accident rates for 16- to 19-year old drivers are higher than those for any other age group. What causes teenage drivers to be such risky drivers? The following is a list of their primary risk factors.

Poor hazard detection -
The ability to detect hazards in the driving environment depends upon perceptual and information-gathering skills and involves properly identifying stimuli as potential threats. It takes time for young novice drivers to acquire this ability.

Low risk perception -
Risk perception involves subjectively assessing the degree of threat posed by a hazard and one's ability to deal with the threat. Young novice drivers tend to underestimate the crash risk in hazardous situations and overestimate their ability to avoid the threats they identify.

Risk Taking -
Teenagers tend to take more risks while driving partly due to their overconfidence in their driving abilities. Young novice drivers are more likely to engage in risky behaviors like speeding, tailgating, running red lights, violating traffic signs and signals, making illegal turns, passing dangerously, and failure to yield to pedestrians.

Not wearing seat belts -
Teenagers tend to wear safety belts less often than older drivers. Why?

Lack of skill -
Novice teenage drivers have not yet completely mastered basic vehicle handling skills and safe-driving knowledge they need to drive safely.

Alcohol and drugs -
Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is a common cause of serious crashes, especially fatal ones, involving teenage drivers. Teenagers who drink and drive are at much greater risk of serious crashes than are older drivers with equal concentrations of alcohol in their blood.

Carrying passengers -
For teenagers, the risk of being in a crash increases when they transport passengers-the fatality risk of drivers aged 16-17 years is 3.6 times higher when they are driving with passengers than when they are driving alone, and the relative risk of a fatal crash increases as the number of passengers increases. Passengers who are age peers may distract the teen drivers and encourage them to take more risks, especially for young males riding with young male drivers.

Night driving -
The per mile crash rate for teenaged drivers is 3 times higher after 9:00 pm during the day. This is because the task of driving at night is more difficult; they have less experience driving at night than during the day; they are more sleep deprived, and/or because teenage recreational driving, which often involves alcohol, is more likely to occur at night.
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( *The normal fee of this course is 45.00 - 60.00 depending upon the state. This will save our children and will also create jobs and revenue. Its money well spent! )

We the People petition the Obama Administration to propose and sign a bill to congress that all drivers under the age of 18 years of age be mandated to take minimum of 3 Hours driver's safety as a requirement for driving privileges. After failed attempts to our local senate in Oregon as well as other states we urge you to put our children's safety first and act on this issue.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.

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