Mandate Insurance Coverage for Infertility

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Currently, infertility services for women are NOT covered by most insurance companies. Yet, more than 7.5 million women have an impaired ability to have a baby.

For women who pursue medical assistance to have a child, the costs can easily climb well over $25,000 out-of-pocket. And that doesn’t come with guarantees of a healthy, full-term pregnancy. Some women have to undergo treatment several times before they conceive. Others may go through the personal expense and never be able to conceive at all.

For many families, the astronomical costs make it impossible to get pregnant. 

If you believe your bank account shouldn’t dictate whether your family is deserving of the right to bear a child, sign this petition today.

States like New York have adopted laws that will require healthcare providers in the state to offer insurance options that include infertility services starting next year. But why should this benefit be restricted to certain states?

We need nationwide regulations that require insurance companies to help cover the costs of infertility treatment options for women.