Say "No" to the Plan to Reintroduce Dingoes to the Grampians National Park.

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The Grampians National Park and it's surrounding land are renowned for it's million dollar livestock, wool and tourism industries. Farmers care deeply about their stock - their very valuable assets. If dingoes were to be reintroduced to the region, there's no doubt, there would be losses, due to livestock being hurt and maimed, most likely fatal. The emotional, psychological and financial trauma of this, would be highly evident. Then there would be the huge financial cost of having to build fences to prevent the dingoes access to farm stock. Businesses who trade with or who have a work relationship with the farming sector, create employment in the region, such as shearers, stock agents, transport companies and wool firms - they would all be greatly impacted too. 

Also, the planned proposal of reintroducing dingoes would be a threat to both visiting tourists (Australian residents and international/from overseas) and the local community resident's - including the many young families and children who enjoy the park (camping, bush walking, etc.). There is an obvious threat to safety, posed by these dingoes being allowed to roam free. This in turn would stop the tourists from coming and the flow-on effect to local businesses would be substantial, i.e. reduced accommodation stays, food services (hospitality) and retail shops/art galleries. 

So, in closing, we wish to state our complete opposition to the proposed plan to reintroduce dingoes to the Grampians National Park. We urge you to support our petition, so that we can stop this from occurring. 

Photo credit courtesy of Ian MacCallum.