Maliah's Law requiring previous convicted child abusers to register like sex offenders do

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Maliah's Law would require anyone convicted of child abuse which resulted in any bodily injury would have to register like sex offenders do. There are so many injuries, and child deaths that may have been preventable if previous offenders convicted of abuse on a child would be required to register. It would make more restrictions as well as harsher punishments for offenders. As well as aid the public, social services, law enforment and the judicial system in protecting our current youth and future youth the way they deserve to be protected. If this Bill proposal is accepted, brought to the state senate and made into a Law, it could save many lives and also aid other laws as well. Help me make Maliah's Law a reality and make this world just a little bit safer for our children. Not just for the state of Colorado, but for the Nation. We need 124,632 signatures