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Malcolm Turnbull: please bring my daughter and 6 year-old granddaughter home

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Every Aussie parent just wants to protect their kids. That's why the last 3 years have broken me – my daughter and beautiful granddaughter have been trapped by a controlling ex-husband.

They’re being held in Egypt where this man can legally use a husband "travel ban" to stop them leaving the country. It was only meant to be a family holiday, but it turned controlling and abusive.

My daughter and granddaughter have committed no crime. He just won't let them come home. He could remove the travel ban at any time with one signature on one piece of paper. And this guy, who isn't even Australian is right now living in Melbourne, enjoying all the comforts Australian society has to offer, while my Australian born daughter and my six year old, Australian born grand daughter live everyday in hiding and fear and with the horror of not knowing when they will be able to come home.

I'm so scared for their safety. They're in hiding after fleeing the abuse, but they can't board a plane home to Australia until the government acts.

We've done everything we can imagine to bring this to the attention of authorities. Written letters for years, spoken to media. Explored all legal options. Now we need the Australian Government to act and bring my daughter and granddaughter home.

I'm pleading with Julie Bishop & Malcolm Turnbull: bring my girls safely home to Australia.

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