Make Victoria Bourdeau’s Dream Come True! Let’s Get Her Song Aired On A Radio Station!!

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Well just to start off as an introduction as to who Victoria was, she was the most kind, beautiful, the most amazing person you would ever meet. She was an amazing friend and cherished the ones close to her. She would go out of her way to make your day better or to figure out what was wrong, She thought of others instead of herself. She taught us and showed us all what true, unconditional love really means. She had a passion and drive in her music, and was a talented singer/musician/artist. She had her own unique style and taste and wrote and sung her own music as well as played guitar. She grew up in Surrey BC and attended Betty Huff Elementary, North Ridge Elmentary, North Otter Elementary in Aldergrove, and also went to Clayton Heights Secondary. Victoria’s love and passion for music started at a very young age, she would play piano, write her own music and sing. She discovered her artistic talents such as drawing and as well as excelled in her music during her Highschool years, she had a soft spot for animals and nature. Victoria loved spending time with her family and friends, treasured them, and loved them all very deeply. July 23rd 2018, we said goodbye to who is now our guardian angel, Victoria. Victoria struggled with depression and her thoughts clouded by emotional pain, Victoria did not see a way out. She struggled with this illness and god gained another angel. In honour to Victoria she always wanted her song or music (as she has not just created the one song) to be aired on the radio and I want to make her dream come true, I know she would love that. We would like to air “ I wanna know” by Victoria Bourdeau. I feel it would make her family happy as well. So please anyone let’s sign this petition and make this happen! Love you Victoria! We are doing this for you baby girl! ❤️