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Make the world aware that any cetacean what so ever is not for amusement, captivity, or food!

Prime Minister Naotokan,         I certainly can appreciate your position,
your people believe one thing and you may feel another. I hope this
does not fall on death ears, but as you are aware of the dolphin &
other cetacean trade your country participates in, is both barbaric
and antiquated, and in need of an overhaul. Japanese are a proud and
progressive people, I have personally known a few. We agree on many
things, but not on these issues. I feel strongly about what is an
unfair and abusive practice that is taking place under your nose, and
hope your nose does not get in your way. You must stop profiting on
all cetaceans, and help initiate the greater understanding of
creatures that are certainly more than animals. You will not be able
to deny this, if you take some time and check research in regards to
their intelligence and family unity. Very much like our own. No
exceptions Sir, and with the deepest respect I say this. Our world is
at a pivoting point, resources are limited, and as you know war has
never been the answer, not for long anyway. Can we at least agree that
what plagues all of humanity is the lack of education in the critical
areas of what is of true long term value? To live and let live, is of
prime importance, and not just for the human race, there are many so
called subhumans that should be allowed to share this iconic
privilege. I couldn't think of any more worthy than marine mammals.
Take a close look at their behavior as documented by your own
biologists, and think outside the box that is responsible for
mankind's retardation. Believe me, Americans, and many other
capitalistic nations are just as guilty as I am saying this industry
is. I do not exclude any group when I say this. I wish only someone of
your stature and magnitude would stand up and lead the way. I thank
you in advance for considering what may bring you more persecution
than popularity, and pray that you will know the right choice when it
looks you in the eye.     Sincerely, Pepucho

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
And their inherent right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of THEIR happiness. Marine mammals are and have been documented as having a superior intellect and abilities. If the information is in, then why do we take so long to act on a matter of life and breath? Might it be the dollars involved? Could it be we cant think or consider past ourselves and our pocketbooks? Meanwhile an injustice and deaths grow in numbers, we sit, you sit, everyone sits and does nothing. Please, just how much proof is enough to ban all enslavement, captivity, and harvesting is necessary before we act? FREE ALL CETACEANS NOW!

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