Stop destruction of Tallebudgera Valley’s Koala habitat for Chinese tourism

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The Qld State Govt has recently approved Chinese Developer Ridong's, proposal for 113 residential dwellings, an art museum "to rival MONA in Tasmania" & a 98 room resort to be established in pristine Tallebudgera Valley.  This 116 acre development site is home to our already nationally depleting Koala population.  We simply cannot standby and knowingly swap Koala lives for tourists!! 

Despite Ridong's claims that the location is koala-free, local residents sight them daily and know this is a blatant lie.  Sadly over a 12 month period, at least 14 Koala's were killed by vehicle strike, many within 20 metres of the development site. This development will increase traffic, exponentially increasing Koala deaths, as well as introducing other known Koala threats like dogs.

Allowing this to occur is inconsistent with the State Government's report "Qld Koala Expert Panel: A new direction for the conservation of Koalas in Qld" by allowing development in a rural zoning where Koalas are known to exist. The State Govt have let us down, now our only hope is to stop The Gold Coast City Council from selling off our national treasures for greedy financial benefit. 

The GCCC has forgotten that we are the "green behind the gold", and that this Valley is a sanctuary to all wildlife; sign the petition now so the rest of the Gold Coast doesn't forget as well. Make the GCCC listen to the people and stop this development from going ahead