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Make the Dalmatian Arizona's state dog

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      Twelve of the fifty states in America currently have official state dogs. These states being Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, New Hampshire, Alaska and Georgia. Georgia has also even proposed two more possible candidates for a state dog, while Arizona still has NO candidates for a state dog.

        Why does a state need a state dog? Well, why does a state need a state flower? Or a state bird? Or a state flag, state motto, state tree? Why is it so crucial to have something personal to a home state? Any state tree, flag, bird, etc. personal to a state is there to represent and dignify the state. 

        Dogs are universally adored and symbols of family and unity. Being a citizen of Arizona, it only makes sense to want that same sense of unity for our state through this symbolism that anyone can judge our state on.

        Dalmatians are historically rich dogs, taking many forms throughout their canine evolution. From hunters to firefighters to circus performers, Dalmations check every department's box. They are strong and athletic creatures, high in stamina and determination. Not only are they strong-headed and passionate animals, but incredibly friendly and devoted to their families. Devotion and loyalty are strong morals Arizona has held since our beginnings as an integrated community of different Mexican and Native American cultures.

        Arizona is a beautiful state, and can benefit from positive state symbolism from arguably one of the most beautiful of mans' best friends.

        There's no negative downfall to electing the Dalmatian as Arizona's official state dog, only more state recognition and putting an easily recognizable dog in a prideful position.

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