Make Pollution-Free Delhi a part of Political Manifesto & Election Agenda

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Delhi has attained the infamous title of the world’s most polluted city and it’s taken a lot of mismanagement, procrastination, warped-up priorities, and misgivings about people-friendly solutions over several years to get here. 

As Delhi prepares for the state elections in 2020, citizens of Delhi's residential welfare associations, launched the People's Green Manifesto 2020 for the national capital. This manifesto presents air, water and solid waste management - an approach and roadmap to tackle pollution at every level. We need all political parties contesting for Delhi elections to adopt these 10 demands in their vision documents and action plans for the next 5 years of government.

The 10 demands are...

1. 65% reduction in air pollution levels by 2025 to meet the national standards for safeguarding public health

2. Pathway for 100% clean energy for all by 2050, with 25% by 2025

3. Public transport which can cater to at least 80% of Delhi’s population

4. A roadmap to decongest the city roads

5. Promote electric mobility with 50% EVs in new vehicle registrations by 2025

6. Roadmap for zero waste to landfills or left unattended by 2025

7. Zero wastewater loss and 100% groundwater recharge by 2025

8. Plan to revive and rejuvenate Delhi’s water bodies and wetlands

9. Develop an Ecology Master Plan for Delhi with targets for 2025 and 2041

10. A regional common minimum Air-shed programme in consultation with NCR states

It’s not just the air. Water, sanitation, food, green belts, open spaces are also unsafe. Delhi’s children, elderly citizens, animals and birds are all affected. To make the situation further grim & gloomy, climate change impacts in the form of excessive heat, water scarcity and excessive rainfall-induced flooding keep affecting Delhi. Soon shortage of water in the rivers will affect electricity supply to Delhi from hydro-power plants.

Delhi, as the national capital, needs to set an example for the entire country and political parties contesting elections will have to look beyond empty promises this time.