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Make Leap Day a federal holiday!

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Leap Day occurs every four years on February 29, and it should be a national holiday! Just think of what you would do with your one extra day off, every four years. Conquering your fears? Finally starting the project of your dreams? Join us in making Leap Day a holiday, and #TaketheLeap!

Why do we want Leap Day to be a national holiday? Because it makes sense! It’s that extra 366th day in the year, it only happens once every four years, and we want to give that day back to the PEOPLE. In some places, including the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Leap Day isn’t even considered a valid birthday and legal birthdays of “leaplings” are either on February 28 or March 1. Leap Day is a bonus day, and it should be used as a bonus day to do good - for your community, your family, or yourself.

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