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Make it a legal requirement to report cat's that are injured or killed on the road

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Hundred's of thousands of animals are injured or killed on the roads every year. Currently it is illegal to run over a dog or an animal that is considered livestock and not report it within 24 hours. Dogs are protected by the Road Traffic Act 1998 which requires drivers to stop and give their details to the owner or if that is not possible, report the incident to the police – but no such law exists in the UK for cats.

Why not cats? Understandably cats are free-roaming creatures and accidents do happen but the majority of drivers hit-and-run leaving what is probably somebody’s much loved pet in or at the side of the road. Make it so cats have an equal status with dogs and owners are found so they can seek medical attention or in the worst case, lay their pet to rest! To some a cat is “just a cat” but to others this animal is a child’s best friend. A member of the family. The only companion of an elderly person.

On Friday the 27th of January 2017, my beautiful 10 month old cat Simba was hit and killed by a driver who was speeding down a residential road where we live. The driver hit-and-run. I was very fortunate that some lovely lady picked him up and brought him back to us. My 5 year old son and I are absolutely devastated as this could have been easily avoided had the driver been driving carefully down a street where many kids play out! But to not even stop and deal with the repercussions of their actions is disgusting.

Since this has happened I have been inundated with stories from cat owners that have had to deal with the same heartbreak as we have. We were lucky. We got Simba back. But many people have had their cats missing for weeks, months and years, not knowing what’s happened, just fears that they may have been killed and disappeared. This needs to stop. Please. Make it so we cat owners can be notified and have closure instead of councils disposing of them like they are nothing. Many cats are micro-chipped now and could easily be returned home.

Since starting this petition I have found that someone back in 2015 had the same idea as I did and started a petition the same as this one. Her name was also Christina and she amazingly racked up over 113,000 signatures which shows it can be done! She was doing it for the attention of her local MP/council but hasn't pursued it any higher although I have seen she is doing a new petition to make all councils scan domestic animals. I want the attention from our Prime Minister and Parliament and I will not stop until we get what we want. For it to be the law to report every incident involving cats. This is for the good of our furry felines and their doting owners.

I have called what I am doing “Justice for Simba” due to the bad experience I have had and in memory of him, but I undoubtedly want justice for all cats and their families.

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