Make Food Rescue Donations from Large Food Establishments Mandatory/Support the Mitro Mandatory Food Rescue Donation Act

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Make Food Rescue Donations from Large Food Establishments Mandatory/Support the Mitro Mandatory Food Rescue Donation Act

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Kathleen Mitro started this petition to Governor of North Dakota Jack Dalrymple and

Over 1/3 of all food produced is thrown away by  food establishments each day for reason of being simply not fresh, not bad but not up to impeccable standards for sale. This is perfectly edible food that could be used to ease all hungry suffering in the United States. The current method of voluntary donations to food relief organizations is not working. This donation must be made mandatory not voluntary.

The simple math is, 1 in 7 persons in the U.S. are food insecure and  we are throwing away enough food to feed 1 out of 3 people.
Even allowing for problems in distribution, by using this food we have not only ended all hunger but we have saved the environment from an enormous burden on it's landfills, which is by best estimate, over 96.4 billion pounds of edible food yearly.

To totally eradicate hunger in the United States we must pass a Mandatory Food Rescue Donation Act for all large food establishments. This law  would make it illegal to throw edible food away. This law would make it compulsory  to donate all edible food destined for the dumpster each day to food relief organizations.

The problem with eradicating hunger is not lack of food produced, it is seeing that all food is used for what it was intended for, and that is to eat.  It is for this reason that we are calling for the Mitro Food Resue Donation Act
to take food rescue from maybe I'll bother and donate to it's against the law not to donate and protect the environment also.


 The Department of Agriculture estimated that 96.4 billion pounds of the 356 billion pounds of edible food produced was never eaten. The number of hungry people , people in food crisis, people with food insecurity in the United States alone is 1 in 7. Yet even with these numbers in front of us we are treating food like garbage. Food is too precious of a commodity to be thrown away like garbage. It must stop. Right now in the United States almost every state has laws making it illegal Not to Recycle items we throw away, these laws are in force to protect our environment. These are good laws. What laws do we have in place to recycle our edible food. The answer is none. We let each Food Establishment throw away each and every day what amounts to billions of pounds of edible food each year and we pay no attention to making sure it is recycled.  This greatly needed food is not recycled at all, it is thrown into landfills where it decomposes producing methane gas producing global warming. Lets put two and  two together. People are in starvation mode in the United States because they lack the funds to buy food. Most food establishments find it easier to thrown edible food away instead of looking for a hungry mouth to put it in just because it is easier to do so. We are good people . Good people do not throw away something,someone else desperately needs just because it is easier to do so. We must put into place a  Mandatory Food Rescue Donation Act for each and every large Food Establishment This will eradicate all hunger in the United States. This is too easy and too simple of a fix to overlook. The simplicity of it, is sheer beauty.   


One in 7 people in the United States are hungry

each day.

Hunger is defined as the uneasy or painful

sensation caused by want of food and the exhausted

condition that goes with it.

In 1997 The Department of Agriculture estimated

that 96.4 billion pounds of the 356 billion pounds

of edible food produced was never eaten.

Since 1997 the number of billions of pounds of

thrown away food has climbed even higher.

This food is put into landfills where it decomposes

producing methane gas, a major source of

greenhouse gases.

We can totally eradicate hunger in the United States

by redirecting this food  into a hungry mouth


 A person totally impoverished is a person in crisis.

Humanitarian societies  take care of people in crisis

regardless of how that crisis came about.

We must  feed our impoverished citizens.

We can feed them at no cost.

We must pass laws that mandate edible food be

donated to share with the hungry.

This is recycling at it's best.

We have now eradicated hunger and we have saved

our environment.

Help us pass these laws.

What can you do:

You can give as much media attention to getting
this law passed as possible.

Voice your support for this law.

Put this call for Mandatory Food Rescue Donation from large food establishments  on your website.

Post  this petition on your website it goes out to 6
federal agencies that are responsible for passing
bills and laws and as many state governors as I could fit on the target list.

Talk this up to as many people as possible. We are
planting a seed for this law to grow around.

The hungry in the world thank you for your compassion

The works of the roots of the vines, of the trees, must be destroyed

to keep up the price, and this is the saddest, bitterest thing of all.

Carloads of oranges dumped on the ground. The people came for miles to

take the fruit, but this could not be. How would they buy oranges at

twenty cents a dozen if they could drive out and pick them up? And men

with hoses squirt kerosene on the oranges, and they are angry at the

crime, angry at the people who have come to take the fruit. A million

people hungry, needing the fruit- and kerosene sprayed over the golden

mountains. And the smell of rot fills the country. Burn coffee for

fuel in the ships. Burn corn to keep warm, it makes a hot fire. Dump

potatoes in the rivers and place guards along the banks to keep the

hungry people from fishing them out. Slaughter the pigs and bury them,

and let the putrescence drip down into the earth.

There is a crime here that goes beyond denunciation. There is a sorrow

here that weeping cannot symbolize. There is a failure here that

topples all our success. The fertile earth, the straight tree rows,

the sturdy trunks, and the ripe fruit. And children dying of pellagra

must die because a profit cannot be taken from an orange. And coroners

must fill in the certificate- died of malnutrition- because the food

must rot, must be forced to rot. The people come with nets to fish for

potatoes in the river, and the guards hold them back; they come in

rattling cars to get the dumped oranges, but the kerosene is sprayed.

And they stand still and watch the potatoes float by, listen to the

screaming pigs being killed in a ditch and covered with quick-lime,

watch the mountains of oranges slop down to a putrefying ooze; and in

the eyes of the people there is the failure; and in the eyes of the

hungry there is a growing wrath. In the souls of the people the grapes

of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the

― John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath


 Bill Number :

Title: Mandatory Food Rescue Donation Act- For large food establishments

Executive Summary: Because 1 in every 7 people in the United States are food insecure, that is not knowing when, or if they will receive their next meal, and because large food establishments thrown away over 40% of edible food that passes through their systems merely because it is not fresh, (not bad), just not fresh. This bill would marry two needs.

1. Feeding our hungry and protecting our environment from the massive amounts of uneaten food, hundreds of billions of pounds each year that wind up polluting our landfills, decomposing into methane gas a major source of global warming.

Bill Text

Any food establishment in which food sales make up more than 30% of their total sales will be required to install a special food rescue donation freeze in their establishment. Each day any food that is deemed no longer appropriate for sale but is still perfectly edible must be fast frozen in freezer instead of tossing it in dumpsters. Each day same establishments will either have a working arrangement in advance with a local food pantry, or will be free to call any pantry on demand to pick up contents of freezer. Food pantry will take all responsibility for collecting and distributing food to the hungry.

Bill sponsors footnote: This bills intent is to totally eradicate all hunger in the United States by using the food we already have, by recycling it in a responsible way.

I Kathleen Mitro agree to sponsor this Bill using my real name and picture for the life of this Bill.

I have searched through other citizens proposed bills to make sure I am not replicating others efforts.

I genuinely have a proposal for something new

The source for the funding for this legislation will come from:
1. Said freezer being a recycle bin and as such the responsibility of the food establishment to purchase.
2.The financial responsibility of picking up and distributing the food will fall to the food pantry that takes possession of it.


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