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Make Election Day a National Holiday

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America has lower voter turnout in presidential elections than all but three developed countries. Nearly 60% of eligible voters skipped our last Federal election. And while making it to the polls on Election Day shouldn’t be difficult, it can be hard to take off time from work and early voting is not allowed in every state.

One change could fix that: Let’s make Election Day a federal holiday.  

We have lots of federal holidays that honor our nation’s history and government. We celebrate America’s independence on July 4th and our leaders on President’s Day. Each Memorial Day, we honor those who have given their lives to protect our rights, including the right to vote.

So why not make Election Day a federal holiday as well?

Doing so could have a big impact on voter turnout, help to increase participation among young people and low-income Americans, and highlight the importance of civic participation.  

Please sign our petition to make election day a federal holiday.

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