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Make Dogfighting and other Cruelty Fighting a Federal Offense

With the infamy of Michael Vick and the disgusting details of this horrific crime out in the news, we should do something while people are shocked and appalled by the cruel greed of this man and others like him. There are 40,000 professional dog fighters in this country and thousands more who fight animals for money and pleasure. Many states either do not make these crimes a felony, or do not provide the tools necessary to catch these sadists. It is not surprising that animal cruelty is linked to other crimes such as child abuse and assault. We cannot even begin to consider ourselves a civilized society concerned with the sake of our children and tolerate these acts of unnecessary suffering by living creatures for human pleasure. We need to stop these criminals by making dog-fighting and other “sport fighting” illegal and a federal offense. Please propose and support a bill that would make dog-fighting, cock-fighting and other so-called “sport fighting” illegal and a federal crime.

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