Make dog rescue missions between Canada and the USA "essential".

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In the time before Covid-19 Canadian rescue groups regularly saved dogs from high kill shelters in the United States. A single transport mission van can save up to 50 dogs from being euthanized. The current virus situation has increased the demand for dogs extensively in Canada and has created a rare opportunity for rescues to save more dogs than ever before. Unfortunately, the Canadian and US governments decided a dog’s life is not 'essential'. Almost every rescue in Canada was forced to hold shipments of dogs, including pre-adopted dogs. We cannot go there, and they cannot come here.

Overcrowded American shelters are begging for our help, as they are forced to kill healthy dogs every day. Shame on us! Shame! We know how to protect ourselves from this virus, medical employees, police, firefighters, delivery people are all safely operating using protective gear. Rescue groups and volunteers are willing to take the added precautions required to save dogs from needless death.

We need to stand up for our four-legged friends. We need to make dogs lives ESSENTIAL! The US has too many dogs and Canada needs dogs! Allow rescue missions to cross the border during COVID-19 closure! Rescue missions can safely be done with protection gear! Please sign this petition to save man's best friend.