Make Consent-comprehensive Sex Education Compulsory in all Educational Institutions

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The educational system is one of the pillars responsible for the beliefs the average Nigerian holds.

We need to teach consent to every Nigerian in the way they best understand. Let them know the consequence of sexual harassment and the danger of entitlement to anyone’s body. Teach them that ‘Yes’ means ‘Yes’ and any other thing is a ‘No’.

We need this to protect our young ones so in the case that they are violated by anyone, they can recognize it and report the situation. 

We need this to protect our women whose voices have been repressed over time. To teach them that they have support and are not alone. 

We need this as reparations for anyone who has been a victim of the present system which prices ‘purity culture’ over accountability for ‘rape culture’

We need this for all women.

We need this for Nigerians.