Make a humanoid ponytown!

Make a humanoid ponytown!

June 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by 7Sha 7k



Let me explain-

These days, everyone's looking for somewhere to chat/hangout.

While there are generally a lot of decent options for this, all if not most of them have issues such as:

- Annoying chat filters
- A weird hierarchy based on a fake currency system
- Laggy servers
- Microtransactions

Ponytown, has none of these things, because the pt developers are amazing. ♥

While ponytown is an amazing game, but there are a few reasons I think there should be a humanized version. 

♥ Cosplayers on PT usually want to cosplay as humanoid characters, but are forced to pon-ify them (coining that)

♥ The brony fandom is shrinking, unfortunately and not that many people still want to play a pony game.

♥ A human version would allow the game to branch out to more people, making it more and more popular.

♥ A human version would attract those who are still sobbing in their sleep about fantage shutting down in 2018, thus bringing a bunch more people to the community.

There are a lot of other reasons, but those are the main ones!

This petition is NOT to say that:

-Ponytown is bad/inadequate

-The developers NEED to make this idea a reality

-Someone should copy/steal ponytown and add human characters without permission from PT devs

This petition is to say that:

If someone is interested in making this idea into a reality (If its PT developers or just someone who wants to take on this challenge), please do! A lot of people have been wanting this for a while!

If you're interested, I can help make concept art (for free) :)



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Signatures: 34Next Goal: 50
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