End Greenwashing by forcing businesses that claim carbon neutrality to disclose emissions

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We petition to make it impossible for companies to untruthfully claim carbon neutrality.

The solution? A company must be transparent on its carbon footprint to claim that it's carbon neutral.

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In 2021, the stakes have never been higher in getting real about climate action. And to help us get there, we need to stop actions that, well, aren't 'real' when it comes to sustainability. We need to end 'greenwashing'-  companies trying to make the public think they're doing more to help the environment than they really are.

Why is this such a problem? Because more and more companies are misleading the public when it comes to their commitment to sustainability. According to Bloomberg Green, in 2018, companies spent $400M in climate branding/lobbying compared to $960M in non-climate lobbying. For climate forecast expenditure in 2019, energy companies were expected to spend $3,6 B for low carbon technologies and $110.4 B in oil and gas. No wonder the waters feel muddied. Greenwashing threatens accountability due to the confusion it creates. It’s becoming impossible to distinguish between companies taking impactful steps towards sustainability, and those avoiding carbon reduction. 89% of professionals we surveyed said they feel there isn't enough regulation to combat greenwashing, and we feel the same way.

Plan A is on a mission to help every business build a sustainable world. We believe every business can tackle sustainability in an impactful way, and shouldn't be held back by the confusion or discouragement posed by greenwashing.

We’re aiming to spark conversations about the broad problem of greenwashing by targeting an achilles heel of the topic- companies misusing the term 'carbon neutral'. We believe this can provide a catalyst for regulations on transparency and definitions on true sustainable practices for corporate entities.

With your support, we will submit this petition and its signatures to the official Petitions Committee of the European Parliament for consideration. 

It's time to reduce the space for greenwashing to happen. With disclosure on emissions, the possibility for falsely claiming carbon neutrality is greatly reduced. 

Let’s make 2021 the year we end greenwashing.

Let’s make 2021 Count.