Improvements to Ashtonfield Park

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Today I would just like to share some of my thoughts with you on a place that’s very close to home.

In Ashtonfield we have a park that is situated behind Ashtonfield Public School.

This park for many years now has been used by many on a daily basis for walking, families, pets, sporting events and many more. This land for years has not lived up to its full potential.

Almost everyday for many years now I have walked my dogs with my family and rode my bike to the park. This park holds a very special place in my heart to myself and many others.

The reality is, the park is very simple, there's not a lot to offer however there is a lot that could be done to further the parks pristine location and it’s immense popularity.  

First of all, this park has one big open field. There is a circler foot pathway that surrounds this empty field, which is used immensely. This field many years ago once had soccer and football goals, however they were removed to never be replaced with an alternative. In the center, the field floods and all year round there is a giant mud puddle that has never dries up. My suggestion is that we return the football/soccer goals and the ground needs to be risen and fixed desperately. If I’m honest this is all quiet saddening seeing the park so dilapidated.

Secondly, this park at night is quiet terrifying. At the park you will only find one source of light from one merely streetlight. Lighting has been an issue for years. This one and only light is surrounded by beautiful trees and once it becomes dark you struggle to see yourself, let alone the pathway in front of you. This is a safety issue, please we need more lights.

Thirdly, Seating at the park is few and far between. The tables and benches that we currently have are in desperate need of a face lift and more benches and seats need to be added. People love to picnic at this park all year round and it's very unlikely that they wouldn't be utilized. 

Fourthly, To the council, I thank you about the re-surfacing of the basketball court. I was in contact with Philip Penfold (Council member) over this issue as the court was so weathered and in need of help. Directly across from that there is an old cricket training net and adjacent to that is a vastly open space, my suggestion is maybe a tennis court, or even those outdoor gyms you see at nelsons bay or the ones at the Maitland netball courts, something that kids and families can use.

Ashtonfield, I sincerely hope that this issue with the park has been highlighted and how important it is for not only the safety of the park but the wellbeing of the residents who use it. It's not fair for Ashtonfield to have one of the worst recreation facilities around. I'm only 20 years old and It honestly shatters me to see the park that I love so sad and rundown. I would have loved to have seen this park in fantastic form when I was younger, but now I just have to speak up and hope for a better, brighter future for the park.

I have recently contacted the Maitland Mayor, Loretta Baker and she is following up on the issue after the Christmas break, however I feel that there will be little to no action taken as the park as been in disarray for over a decade now.

All I seek is improvement of the park. Therefore I call on the community for your help to save the park and to bring it back to life.

I assured the mayor in my email that if all these changes and renovations were to happen the community would be immensely happy.


If you've made it this far, I appreciate you taking the time to read my petition and i hope for your signature to help support change to Ashtonfield Park.

Many Thanks 

Ben Worth