*Bring Casey's Law To NH In Memory Of Brady & ALL Who Lost Their Battle With Addiction*

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*Addict To Angel*    *Nov 15th 2016*    *RIP~ Brady*    *Forever24*   *Gone To Soon*    *Never Forgotten*                                                                                                                                                  Casey's law is a involuntary substance abuse intervention, The act provides a means of intervening with someone who is unable to recognize his or her need for treatment due to their impairment. The law will allow parents, relatives and/or friends to petition the court for treatment on behalf of the substance abuse-impaired person. Massachusetts and many other states have section 35 which is a similar law already in place. My stepson was Brady he has been a son to me and a light in my life for 17 years. Born and raised in Methuen, MA where he loved to play basketball and baseball with his brother and closest friends. He loved playing video games and watching UFC. He was a friendly, outgoing, caring and loving boy who for some reason like so many others had a drug addiction. He has been to rehab twice, detox many times and many NA meetings. He never stayed to complete rehab because he felt he did not need to. The last 3 years he had become deeper and deeper into his addiction. He had moved back in with us in NH to try and get a clean start. We tried to help him as much as we possibly could, His grand father and mother went to the local police dept and were told we do not have a law in NH that would allow us to have him involuntarily sent to rehab for the help he so desperately needed. I believe if we had that option he as well as many others would be here with us today. We found Brady dead in his bed on Nov 15th 2016 from a heroin & fentanyl OD one week after his 24th birthday. His mom and I are heart broken and his dad and brother are lost without him, Our lives will never be the same. He left behind his grandfather, father, mother, brother, girlfriend and many loving and caring family members as well as many many friends, but most importantly his beautiful 5 month old daughter who will now be raised without her father. This law is so very important to tens of thousands of NH residents. This is a national epidemic that we have to try and end. Deaths from OD in NH have doubled in the past couple years alone, it has increased by 191% in the past 5 years making NH one of the top 3 states for OD Deaths, yet we do not have this law in place to try and help those who can not see that their life literally depends on it. Please sign and share. Lets END addiction together, every signature counts. Thank you              ***UPDATE***                                            ***GREAT NEWS*** We just found out that this law has been brought to the NH Senate by John C. "Bubba" Carters family in Oct 2016 and is actively being petitioned and worked on.... PLEASE if everyone who signed here can go sign that one as well that would better benefit all of us. Thank You ;]      Please Sign & Share       

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