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Maddies Fund: please help save every homeless stray in the US.. support Shelter Revolution's communal housing ( cage-free ) project for shelter pets

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For 100 years the US shelter industry has imprisoned social animals in prison cages and killed many of them for just being homeless.. The present  shelter system has failed in every way and is broken beyond repair.. it has failed the animals it is supposed to shelter and the American public who want safety and happiness for all their homeless animals..Current municipal animal shelters are prisons that breed anxiety, depression and aggression in homeless pets.. Dogs are forced to live in isolation or in crowded conditions in cages where they smell the scent of death every day.. Animals are warehoused until they are killed.. The purpose of the current system is to control strays from roaming on the streets.. it has no concern for the well being of animals.. It is not a system that can be reformed; it must be completely restructured..

In the words of Scotlund Haisley, former director of the Washington Animal Rescue League (,  

"As shelters, we’re working against our mission by housing animals in this environment that breeds anxiety, frustration, depression and aggression. We can no longer accept the traditional way of sheltering animals. It absolutely does not work!"

This straightforward condemnation comes from a renowned and experienced shelter director.

Shelter Revolution sees a clear solution in a model that is based on human day care centers and dog day care centers. The Adoption Center concept allows animals to live in a natural communal setting.

Research shows these settings promote calm, balanced pets that are more easily adopted.

Separated by size and personality, animals live in a dorm-like setting with an outside play area for socializing and exercise...  Killing is not an option.. Rehab and rehoming animals is the goal.

If you think this sounds like a pipedream, Shelter Revolution offers more than a dozen privately owned shelters and sanctuaries where the concept is already working.

The Cat House on the Kings is a sanctuary outside of Fresno CA, run by Lynea Lattanzio. It is a no-kill, cage free facility with an amazing 800 felines and 50 dogs. Lynea’s philosophy about the rescued cats that wander on her property is, “If they don’t have a home, at least they have a life.”

Make no mistake, Shelter Revolution does not promote animal hoarding. Their plan includes a medical center for sick animals, a quarantine area for new arrivals, spay and neuter, and rehabilitation. The model relies heavily on volunteers to socialize and train the pets so they can be adopted.  Animal rescue groups that spend much of their time now rescuing strays, will flock to Adoption Centers to help rehabilitate homeless pets.

Cost to start an Adoption Center is estimated at $1.3 million. Shelter Revolution says current animal shelters are far more expensive. Their website gives many details about starting a Shelter Revolution in a community.

A Note To Shelter Leaders from Shelter Revolution founder Thomas Cole:

It’s time shelter directors realize that the facility itself can play a central role in promoting adoptions. It is time to move beyond this plateau and create a new model.

Dogs and cats have committed no crimes.

Shelter directors, boards of directors and municipal officers, you have the power to enact these changes.

Yes, and if this Project can get support and becomes successful, it can change the face of animal sheltering in the USA, forever...and shelter pets would find love and be homeless no more.. 





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