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Macquarie University: Rethink the closure of the Museum Studies programme

Museum Studies is an important field of study for those who want to work in this area. Museums educate the general public about key facts of our history, science and society. Having well-trained professionals running these institutions is vitally important. Macquarie University is the only university in Australia currently running an undergraduate degree in this area. Its post-graduate program is the only one in the country to be situated in the Faculty of Science.

 The decision needs to be rethought with all the evidence for and against the retention of the program carefully considered and evaluated. Macquarie University strives for excellence in all things, we ask that this value is applied to the decisions made by its management.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Provost, Macquarie University
    Judyth Sachs
  • Dean of Arts, Macquarie University
    Prof John Simons
  • Dean of Science, Macquarie University
    Prof Clive Baldock
  • Vice Chancellor, Macquarie University
    Professor Bruce Dowton
  • Academic Senate of Macquarie University

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