Stop Macedon Ranges Shire Council DUMPING RV POOP on our kids at the Kyneton Train Park!

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Our children’s safety is at risk. Children using Kyneton’s train park are in danger of finding the quiet street overrun by large 4WDs with caravans in tow. This is a serious child safety issue and an accident waiting to happen.

The Macedon Ranges Shire Council (MRSC) have decided, without consultation, that they will put a caravan and Recreational Vehicle (RV) sewerage and refuse dump point on Bourke Street at Kyneton’s beloved train park (Jean Haynes Playground).

Unbelievably, in order to assess suitable sites for this dump point they engaged the services of unqualified university students, which is how this quiet residential street has come to be chosen.

The children of Kyneton will be needlessly endangered by these large articulated vehicles turning and reversing on our narrow street to dump sewerage at the playground.

This area is already a school pick up and drop off point for various school buses. There are four schools that nearby that use this intersection: Sacred Heart College, Kyneton Secondary College, Kyneton Primary School and Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Primary School. This means there are two occasions each day where there is a very high volume of traffic turning and reversing on this narrow street. On weekdays these car parks are already full of parents parking to pick up their children from school buses from Braemar College and Candlebark School.

Our kids use the playground equipment and the BBQ area frequently for birthday parties. In allowing large RVs and caravans to use this street as a refuse and sewerage dump point, the council is creating an accident waiting to happen, without a thought for the health and safety of rate-paying residents.

MRSC are refusing to pay to upgrade the existing Overnight Stay Area and Sewerage Dump Point located at the mineral springs camping site because they want to get an RV friendly status. Other towns have appropriate locations like showgrounds where there are large turning circles available for large vehicles and existing amenities. 

Rate paying residents have not been consulted. We demand consultation.

We demand an independent traffic impact assessment during peak periods.

We demand independent qualified transport engineers to report on other potential sites, unlike the unqualified students that are currently searching for suitable sites.

We demand that our kids are able to continue to use the space freely, which the Council itself has written into their strategic statement.