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For those of you who do not already know, there is currently an app, available on the Apple App Store, that allows women to anonymously rate and rank men based on a variety of different attributes. This App is called Lulu. Lulu is only viewable for women, and links directly to men's Facebook accounts without their knowledge. The men listed have no say in what content is posted about them, and also have no way to view content posted about them. This is a CLEAR violation of men's privacy and infringes upon possible online slander. For more information, see

Ladies, this is for you: If Lulu gets sued, guess who takes the brunt of the lawsuit? The content poster herself. Forget being anonymous, when this App goes belly up, they will be taking YOU the poster, down with them! (It's in their privacy policy!) So say no! Sign the petition and pull yourself away from the risk of lawsuit! 

So ladies! Sign the petition HERE to protect yourself.

And "share" this to your girlfriends so they can protect themselves too!

Lulu can also represent a means of "cyber bullying", a term that describes public slander that takes place over the internet. We CAN NOT tolerate this!

So, stand with your fellow men, and protect your integrity, your identity and your privacy and sign this petition so that we can get this terrible App taken down for good.

Letter to
Lulu Alexandra Chong
Lulu Alexandra Chong
Your App "Lulu", is a blatant violation of my personal privacy. I did not consent to being posted on this App, and I will not tolerate my name being associated with it. With that said, I am demanding that you remove my name, any postings associated with me, and any other information about me from the App IMMEDIATELY.

The purpose of the App may be genuine, but the side effects are intolerable. Lulu creates an environment that fosters rumors, false facts, and slander. Once again, THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Finally, we demand that you shut down Lulu for good!

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