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Homes for stray dogs/ animals, sterlization and creation of Central Relief Fund

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            India got Independence on 15th August 1947.  At last, after 66 years, for the first time, The Delhi High Court  noticed STRAY DOG MENACE IN THE CITY (but has done nothing). India has a Stray Dog population of 40 Million.


      News papers, throughout India, daily, carry horror news/stories about STRAY DOGS.  TOI dated 22nd August, 2013 carries a news item that according to a statistics, during 2012-13 there were 30608 dog bite cases in the city; 17,000 in 2011-12.  During 2013-14, the number of dog bite cases from April to December 2013 was around 20,000 and is ever  increasing.




         Brawl over dog shit leaves 4 dead in Dudwa Village of Uttar Pradesh. TOI also carried a news item dated 21.8.2013 that stray dog population  in Detroit City has out-numbered the human population there.  INDIA WILL DEFINITELY BE THE FIRST COUNTRY, WHERE STRAY DOGS WILL OUT- NUMBER THE COUNTRY’S POPULATION


          News Papers reports of Stray Dogs either biting passersby or killing children and precious birds in Delhi Zoo and in other States of India is a routine feature.  A 10 year old child was killed by stray dogs in Sirsa.  29 Black Bucks were also scarred to death.  Many elderly and children have been mauled to death by stray cattle and dogs in Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and every other city of INDIA.  Very recently in Delhi a 2 month old baby was killed and eaten by stray dogs.  NOIDA is full of stray dogs; their population multiplying. Indiscriminate feeding of stray dogs should stop.  Most of thesse dogs eat rotten food from garbage. 


           News Item in TOI dated 25.3.2011500 DOG-BITE CASES EVERYDAY IN DELHI – Stray dog  population in Delhi estimated to be around 2.62 lakh, though during 2010-11, number of sterlizations were only 38,000.  Hundreds of these stray dogs were brought from Delhi and left in NOIDA during Commonwealth Games by Delhi Government (a TOI News Item after the Games). 


             THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS EXISTS THROUGHOUT INDIAThese dogs are very ferocious and can be trained properly to catch criminals. 


           Urgent need of the hour is to build Homes for these stray animals and keep them there. Sterlization & vaccination is next in importance. Levy should be imposed for keeping pets at home and revenue earned be used for maintenance of these Homes.


         Lack of Funds is the main reason for Animal Birth Control Programmes not being implemented.  Hence, A STRAY ANIMAL / DOG MENACE FUND on the lines of PM Relief Fund and MINISTERS’ QUOTA FOR RELIEF may be created and all Central & State Government employees  and specially Ministers / MPs / MLAs and Village Pradhans may be asked to contribute a  small amount from their salary every month (MANDATORY). Even Central & State Govt. Pensioners should be included in this.  Perhaps a Bill, entitled STRAY DOG MENACE BILL  needs to be passed in Parliament urgently.  

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