Lower the Illinois Cannabis Tax

Lower the Illinois Cannabis Tax

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Started by Stephanie Minor

Most cannabis users in Illinois are highly aware that we pay the highest tax on cannabis in the country. Illinois has finally paid off its long term debt in just a few short years. The correlation between when cannabis was legalized(2020) and being able to eliminate the states debt swiftly is obvious. 

Illinois leaders are finally giving back to their citizens in a tax relief bill that has additional money being returned to the people of Illinois in various ways. The bill will help so many families who have had to endure Illinois’ battle with debt. 

Cannabis users are the ones who are left out in the cold on this bill when we are the ones who helped Illinois get out of debt fast. We may not be the only factor, but we are definitely the main factor. So many Illinois cannabis users are driving out of state because of our high cannabis tax and I guarantee plenty more will follow. To keep cannabis tax coming in and help keep Illinois out of debt, it is critical that the state tax is lowered. 

I have already sent our governor my concerns on lowering the cannabis tax to pay back the citizens who helped him accomplish elimating Illinois debt. I am asking you to help by signing this petition to get the Illinois state cannabis tax lowered and be apart of the solution to keeping Illinois out of debt for years to come. 

Thank you for your time, 

Stephanie Minor 

207 have signed. Let’s get to 500!