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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives and 2 others

STOP BLM's war cast upon our wild horses,burros and our/their land and water

Love Wild Horses in 2015!

Compassionate, innovative, sound and cost-effective scientific solutions must now be utilized for our wild horses, burros, wild ones and land and water to survive and thrive~:

Calling for the Department of Interior:

1. To provide needed water troughs and shelter for 55,000 captive wild horses and burros or now accept citizen and organization offered donations and aid for troughs and shelters~ to ease resultant veterinarian warned suffering and death~ 

2. If basic care is not provided such as shelter and more needed water troughs for 55,000 captive wild horses and burros, then they must be returned to freedom to honor their right to survive, also according to LAW Wild Horse and Burro Protetion Act 1971

3. Stop all wild horse and burro removals, now~ herds are decimated to dangerous low according to National Academy of Science's Report 2013.

4. Return the 55,000 captive wild horses and burros to freedom, in areas zeroed out of wild horses and burros, and/ or inspire occupying corporations to invite the wild horses and burros to return and share the land and water.

5. OPEN all BLM wild horse and burro facilities to the public.

6. Remove toxic corporations always from public land and water use, not wild horses and burros.

7. Ban exportation of America's domestic and wild horses and burros for slaughter.

Great stride was made this year in President Obama's, good action to sign the Federal Spending Bill, including language, which defunds government inspection of horse meat, there by rendering horse slaughter in America over, until September 2015. We are especially grateful to Victoria McCullough, Senator Abruzzo and Vice President Joe Biden, for their work, action and dedication in obtaining victory to see "DEFUND HORSE SLAUGHTER LANGUAGE" was included in this important bill.

(When our lands were healthy 2,000,000 wild horses and burros roamed freely...we have 243,000,000 acres of public land, presently under 18,000 wild horses and burros remain...and the BLM aims to remove, more wild horses and burros from freedom in 2014).

Our wild horses and burros are still facing their last stand.. ..they are dying at the hands of the Bureau of Land Management's failed, harmful and deadly wild horse and burro management practices.

2014~ BLM tentative "GATHER SCHEDULE":

In addition to signing and sharing this petition you may help by:





Please ADOPT if you can, or offer to sponsor adoption and care, for someone who has the appropriate space and physical ability to save a life 
TO SPONSOR ADOPTION & CARE: for us or someone to save a life ~


In 2014 we reached 191,963 people to "Love Wild Horses Not Fracking"

We created a Gimme shelter or Set Us free Campaign, including hosting a protest, issuing press releases, conducting interviews for a second documentary,television, news and radio shows, built much awareness through social media via Twitter and Facebook and we visited the wild horses several times, held within BLM's pens. Words cannot heart wrenching, it is to witness and have to leave our wild horses and burros in BLM's facilties.. knowing and witnessing the battle they are forced to endure, to survive. (no shelter/ while trapped in the deathly hot desert Summer Sun and Winter's freezing painful, dangerous weather/ with inadequate drinking water access ) GIMME SHELTER-OR SET US FREE~ 2013 event:

Wild horse and burro deaths in BLM's shelterless holding facilities are often attributed to stemming from "unknown causes" and the true number of deaths, is shrouded in secrecy (foal deaths go uncounted) and the horses are often moved from one facility open to the public to another , closed to the public...and there after the horses are seen no more. ie: This past winter, BLM's shelterless controversial Palomino Valley Center, Nevada`freezing facility, moved near all the foals, to "BROKEN ARROW" facility, located on PRIVATE LAND and closed to the public.  

Although we have been busy..and worked hard to bring in needed change along with our powerful dedicated member and fellow wild horse organization efforts.. still the much needed shift in compassionate action has not yet occurred.

Press Release: Appeal for science to be utilized to representatives in D.C.~:

IN Desatoya Mt. BLM HMA 3 more deaths of innocent foals occurred in yet another contested BLM.    BLM Gather Reports from tragic Desatoya Mt. wild horse stampedes:             

On 6/8/12 in Jackson Mt. HMA , Nevada, USA:  Wild horse babies and pregnant mares were wrongfully and inhumanely rounded up..stampeded ..chased by helicopters and removed from freedom, during foaling season.The BLM's standard operating procedure needs to include "MERCY" and "SCIENCE".

The BLM often claims there are reasons to remove our wild horses and burros that are untrue. IE:  Droughts and that there is not enough water.. or forage..and rather then supplying water needed, or forage.. the BLM opts (counter to advisement for ethical humane treatment of horses and wild horses and burro needs) chase down these vulnerable wild horses to remove them from "freedom". The BLM does and has not removied mass populations of privately owned cattle from HMA's, or slated fracking/mining (that uses much water), according to the BLM's actions, the droughts only ill-effect wild horses and burros.

Often the BLM's words and actions do not match. We the people do not agree to allow, our wild horses and burrros to be managed by the BLM to extinction. As presently is occurring under BLM's dangerous, standard operating procedures for our wild horses and burros, to needlessly die..and suffer..and our land and water to be consumed and poisoned by corporate take over (cattle,oil, gas and fracking/mining)...who move in, some times the same day native wild horses are aggressively removed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Accountability and action to truly protect our wild horses, burros and our/their land and water's wellness, not the financial desires and goals of corporations who benefit from BLM wild horse and burro removals.

Resultant of BLM roundups, foals often die a painful death...tiny wild horse foal hooves are not yet developed to endure rock laden terrain/ forced stampede..many in the past have died during BLM roundups, hooves worn, off.  Wild horse pregnant mares are often are harmed, because they cannot keep up with the herd, whilst chased by BLM helicopters some times for more then ten miles, lose their babies/spontaneously abort. Elder wild horses, sick or injured are forced to run.. with healthy horses without consideration or address for their needs. Mares and Stallions are forced to separate from their herds, families some are injured and die fighting to free themselves and their families, from the BLM helicopters and traps. This horrorific animal cruelty is funded with American tax dollars, this year 2014~ the BLM was granted 12,000,000. to use for "helicopter roundups".

To stop government BLM, Dept. of Ag, US Forest Serv. Agency wild horse removals= saving tax payers millions annually + wild horse, burro lives+ land and water's health

BLM's BUDGET 2014"Budget Overview – The 2014 BLM budget request is $1.2 billion, an increase of $32.6 million over the 2012 enacted level. The budget proposes $980.2 million for the Management of Lands and Resources appropriation and $115.5 million for the Oregon and California Grant Lands appropriation, BLM's two operating accounts. This represents a total increase of $23.5 million over the 2012 enacted level. The 2014 budget continues to provide strong support for high priority Administration and Secretarial initiatives, which include America’s Great Outdoors, New Energy Frontier, Youth in the Great Out- doors, sage grouse habitat conservation, the Secretary’s Western Oregon Strategy, and improved wild horse and burro management."

BLM satiates corporate greed, by allowing mass amounts of privately owned cattle and other "resources" to occupy wild horse and burro federally protected land and water, instead of wild horses and burros.

The BLM needs to bring in water, if a "drought", is of true concern, after firstly removing corporate private thirsty interest from wild horse/burro land and water, cattle and mining/fracking, not wild horses and burros.

(The BLM is acting with conflict of interest -support of horse slaughter, when they are assigned to protect America's wild horse and burro lives and freedom, not slaughter or kill them.) ie: The BLM appointed 2 known pro horse slaughterers to a BLM wild horse advisory board, our wild horses once trapped by the BLM are at risk/danger of being sent to slaughter) and BLM's Joan Guillfoyle's comment:  “euthanize wild horses on the range” (as reported by Deb Coffey~ Straight from the Horse's Heart)

Survival of 18,000 wild horses and burros in the wild, along with survival of 55,000 imprisoned wild horses and burros and survival of our/their land water is at stake...

Please do all within your power to save our wild horses and burros survival...and in so doing also save the wellness and health of our public land and water. A win-win

BLM's excessive wild horse and burro removals have and continue to cause damage to wild horse gene pool viability and to our public land and water, due to increasing risk and damage of wild fire. To remove a species without accurate scientific evidence in consideration of short term and long term effects, can and does cause many short and long term tragic consequences.

Academy of Science's Report: N.Y. Times: June 6, 2013 :

"REPORT CRITICIZES U.S. Stewardship of Wild Horses

We are all connected here, what is cast upon our wild horses and our land and water, ultimately.. is cast upon us all. This land and water and our wild horses do not belong to us, if they belong to anyone they belong to our children, the future generations who will inherit this land, water and their stewardship.

The time, in this Good New Year of the Horse, to create sacred balance for native wild horses and burros and our their land and water, is upon us.

Wild horses are passion, the very essence of freedom's breath.. they are the great spirit of the wind and thunder, protectors of our land and water. Wild horses are the sacred keeper's of Mother Earth's heart beat, representing freedom, here in America.

America will no longer be the land of the free if wild horses no longer are free to exist in the wild.

We can shift this reality through application of wise humane, compassionate, cost-effective solutions~:)

We are 1 love 1 voice 20,000,000 rising up for native wild horses, burros and their and our land and water to thrive~:)

May this prophecy not come to pass~ "Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find money cannot be eaten.”

— Cree Prophecy

Remove toxic corporate occupation, not native wild horses and burros...

Let's bring some magic in for our wild ones!!

Thank you for your support in signing and sharing and doing all within your power to support our wild horses, burros and land and water to thrive~::) 




Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
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President of the United States
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Bureau of Land Management.
STOP BLM's Jackson Mt. Helicopter roundup during foaling season
More info here:

Soon to occur the BLm will use your/our tax dollars to once again, remove our wild horses and burros, from freedom, their home, in disregard and counter to the will of the American people. Please rise up and demand the BLM cease removal of our wild horses and burros, immediately, thank you.

Cloud Foundation:


RENO, Nev. (June 6, 2012)—Wild horse advocates are united in protesting the planned helicopter roundup of the entire Jackson Mountain wild horse herd at the height of foaling season. The Bureau of Land Management’s Winnemucca District Office is scheduled to issue their Decision Record regarding the mustangs in this drought stricken area of northern Nevada at any time.

Representatives of Sun J Livestock, a helicopter roundup contractor for BLM, are already in Winnemucca, awaiting the decision from District Manager, Gene Seidlitz. During the few short years the now infamous roundup company has been in business hundreds of mustangs have lost their lives. Despite significant input from wild horse advocates and even those from within BLM, Gene Seidlitz, seems willing to take a chance, opting for the harshest possible measures in dealing with the herd which, according to him, includes “mares heavy with foal and tiny foals.”

“When I spoke with Mr. Seidlitz yesterday, we emphasized the risks involved in running these animals for miles during peak foaling season,” stated Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “He has been given contacts for water and bait trapping experts who have successfully captured hundreds of wild horses and burros using these far less dangerous methods.” Kathrens fears her pleas may have fallen on deaf ears.

Ironically, privately-owned cattle still graze in the Jackson Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) and advocates have been asking Manager Seidlitz to use his statutory authority to remove the livestock first, then continue hauling water to wild horses and set up roundpen panels around the water sources for water trapping.

"Why are they still leaving livestock on the range if it is so bad?" asks Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs. "This is peak foaling season—the most dangerous time of year to be chasing mustangs.”

Spontaneous abortion of late term mares is likely as well as lethal injuries to foals too young to keep up with their mothers. In the past the hooves of these young horses have literally fallen off during and after helicopter stampedes.

“I can’t think of anything more irresponsible or cruel,” says Kathrens. “If BLM would only opt for water trapping rather than a helicopter stampede it would allow us to support the agency rather than continually battling their harsh tactics.”

The Cloud Foundation in conjunction with the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Animal Law Coalition, Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition, Equine Welfare Alliance, Front Range Equine Rescue, International Fund for Horses, Protect Mustangs, Respect4Horses, Wild Horse Education, and the Wild Horse Freedom Federation encourages the public to urge BLM Winnemucca District Manager, Gene Seidlitz, ( or 775-623-1501) to opt for humane wild horse "

Tiny wild horse hooves are not yet developed, many in the past have died during BLM roundups, hooves worn, off. Wild horse mares are pregnant, cannot keep up with the herd, whilst chased by bLM helicopters some times for more then ten miles, lose their babies/spontaneously abort. INHUMANE TREATMENT, ROUNDUP is unnecessary. BLM claims there is "not enough water". BLM satiates corporate greed, by allowing mass amounts of privately owned cattle and perhaps other "resources" to occupy wild horse and burro federally protected land and water, instead of wild horses and burros. Request BLM to bring in water, if indeed "drought", is concern and remove corporate private thirsty interest from wild horse/burro land and water, not wild horses and burros and especially not during foaling season, thank you. (with BLM's news open support of horse slaughter in appointing 2 known pro horse slaughterers to a BLM wild horse advisory board, our wild horses once trapped by the BLM are at risk/danger of being sent to slaughter). Please stop BLM roundups, remove pro horse slaughterers from BLM wild horse advisory boards, return (50,000 trapped wild horse and burros, now behind BLM bars in LTH, STH and human prisons across the country to freedom, their rightful place, 53 million acres of our/wild horse and burro land and water), remove corporate occupation/ toxic oil, gas, fracking/mining and cattle from wild horse and burro land and water, not horses or burros. TY! Survival of 15,000 wild horses and burros in the wild, with survival of 50,000 imprisoned wild horses and burros and survival of our/their land water is at stake...thank you for rising up. one love one voice 20,000,000 rising up

Sincerely, Vision Tara, wild Horse Protection Act Fb
Native Wild Horse

We honor all Wild Horse and burro organizations, circling protection for our sacred ones:

Our wild horses and burros and our land and water are sacred, thank you for doing all within your power to create awareness to manifest their wellness and protection, here. ~WHPA Wild Horse Protection Act FB
Native Wild Horse Protection
Twitter~ @riseup4wldhorse

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